Lung Cancer Screening Program at NYU Langone Medical Center

The NYU Langone Medical Center (NYULMC) Lung Screening Program offers lung cancer screening for individuals at risk for lung cancer.  The program is under the direction of the Divisions of Pulmonary Medicine, Thoracic Radiology, and Thoracic Surgery.  Participants undergo a low-dose CT scan to evaluate for signs of early lung cancer.  They are also offered the opportunity to participate in a National Cancer Institute funded lung cancer early detection study.  

As a patient-centric academic medical center, we offer world-class expertise in pulmonary medicine, radiology, thoracic surgery, oncology, and radiation therapy.  Skilled specialists are available to guide patients through every aspect of lung cancer screening:  prevention, screening, diagnosis, and treatment.  Choosing NYULMC allows participants to undergo their screening in a safe and efficient manner, under the direction of a coordinated, multidisciplinary team of experts 

Lung Cancer Treatment